Writing Tips – Word Count; Flash Fiction versus Short Story versus Novel

Issue #71 Blog # 11-2018 Section: Writing Tips Blogger: Joseph Clay   Last year ThunderHorse Publishing posted a blog about the length of flash fiction titled  Writing Tip – What is Flash Fiction and Why Write it? Since then we have had several questions regarding the different word counts for each classification. The first thing... Continue Reading →


Writing Tips – Is Knowing How to Spell and/or Type a Must to be an Author?

Issue #70 Blog # 10-2018 Section: Writing Tips Blogger: Joseph Clay Well it doesn't hurt and the writing goes a whole lot faster if you can type. But don't let hunt and peck typing or short comings with the English language, grammar and/or spelling hold you back. If your dream is to become an Author... Continue Reading →

Writing Tips – 5 Tips For Better Writing/Blogging

Issue #68 Blog # 8-2018 Section: Writing Tips Blogger: Joseph Clay I have read several books from independent authors over the last couple of weeks who didn’t have their work edited by a professional editor/proofreader or ignored the suggestions made by the editor/proofreader. These particular books had a combination of issues that ranged from poor... Continue Reading →

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