Q & A with Thomas McRae

Today we interview Thomas McRae an author who resides in New York in the Queens area. Thomas began writing poetry and has several books published in that genre. His latest release however is a short novel titled Pimp in the Pulpit. Pimp in the Pulpit is a must read book for anyone who has a large family... Continue Reading →


What is Flash Fiction and Why Write it?

A lot of new writers and some of the more famous ones write flash fiction. Some writers feel as it is a waste of time to write something so short while others do it day in and day out. First lets cover the definition of Flash Fiction. Flash Fiction (53 - 1,000 Words). Flash fiction also known... Continue Reading →

Q and A with Clare Diston – Human Voices

Human Voices Editorial Services is an Independent Editorial Service owned by Clare Diston and located in Bristol, UK. "Yes, Clare conducts business from Bristol, UK. However her company has help many writers and authors her in the US. I have worked with five or more editors and Clare is the cream of the crop and my editor of choice.... Continue Reading →

Q and A With Tiffany Miller – The Marketing Mill

The Marketing Mill is an Independent Marketing Firm owned by Tiffany Miller and is located in Nashville, Tennessee.   "This is a must read for Independent Authors, Artist, and/or Musicians. Using a marketing service can save you energy, time, and in the long run money. Writing and Publishing is only the beginning, your potential audience/customers’ have... Continue Reading →

Book review: The Tabu Series by Ava Bell

 Ava Bell is an Independent Author who writes Erotic Fiction and resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   [Writers note: I interviewed Ava Bell after I read her series of books. To read the interview click here, Q and A with Ava Bell - Author]     The Tabu Series Joe’s Rating : 5 out of 5 stars    The... Continue Reading →

Q and A with Ava Bell – Author

Ava Bell is an Independent Author who writes Erotic Fiction and resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   After reading Ava's four books, I reviewed them, and you can read my reviews here: Miles from Home & the Tabu series - 1) C/curious, 2) A/awakening and 3) S/submit. I enjoyed the books so much I contact Ava to... Continue Reading →

Book review: Promise Me Always by G. Michelle

G. Michelle is an Independent Author who writes contemporary romances and resides in  Middle Tennessee.   G. Michelle - Author   G. Michelle is unapologetic about giving her characters not only a happily ever after, but also snarky comebacks, playful banter, sexy males, and hot, steamy action. G. Michelle states that she, herself, is an avid reader... Continue Reading →

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