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The Need:

The world is full of authors. Most have the gift , talent and desire to succeeded in the field of writing. These writers pour their heart and soul along with blood, sweat and tears into their work.

However we may never know if another Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, or Charles Dickens is hidden within this  group of INDIE writers. Who knows if there is a manuscript lying around written by someone with the talent of Agatha Christie,  James Patterson or Margaret Mitchell. What if we a missing out on another Elmore Leonard, Phillip Margolin and Stephen King.

Why we may never hear or find out about these amazing authors is easy to answer.

The world of an Independent Author is complicated, tedious, and confusing once the manuscript is done.

An Independent Author also has to over come the stigma associated with not being with a traditional publishing house. Most people are under the impression that an INDIE author’s work is not worth reading due to what they have heard from friends and family or by reading an independent author who has in fact publish something that needed to be edited, proofread and/or formatted.

Unfortunately the above happens more times than not. This hurts the writer along with publisher who allowed a poorly written, edited and/or proofread book get to market. What’s even worse, the choices made by these publishers and authors are keeping the talented Independent Authors and writers, from getting the respect and recognition they deserve.

We at ThunderHorse Publishing think this is a shame and a disgrace.

The Goal:

ThunderHorse Publishing’s (THP) mission is to give the talented Independent Author a voice and platform in order to be noticed, heard and recognized. THP will help those, who put forth the effort, to take their manuscript from a rough draft to a published book.

Below are services THP offers or will offer in the future to help the Author achieve his/her goal of becoming a published author.


  • Manuscript Review (An Honest Assessment of your Manuscript)
  • Interviews of the Author
  • Book Reviews (An Honest Assessment of your Published Book)
  • Cover Art Design
  • Formatting (Electronic and traditional publishing)
  • Interior Illustrations
  • Writing Prompts (Facebook Page and Twitter Feed)
  • Consulting – Got a question and want an honest answer. Send us an email using the contact form in the menu. Consulting is always free.
  • Writing and Publishing Tips (via ThunderHorse Publishing Blog)
  • Editing – Proofreading (Coming in the near future)
  • Bowker ISBN Numbers (Coming in the near future)
  • Marketing (Coming in the near future)
  • Video Book Trailers (Coming in the near future)
  • Webpage (Coming in the near future)

Who We Are:

ThunderHorse Publishing (THP) is located in Nashville, Tennessee and was founded by Independent Author Joseph Clay. Joseph is a retired Mechanical Engineer and Entrepreneur.

Joseph documented his journey into the writing world, mistake by mistake. He started ThunderHorse Publishing to try to help other new authors from making the same errors he did.

His tips and advice are in the forms of blogs, which can be found on this site. Those tips range in topic from is a free ISBN as good as one purchased, to why is my book not selling?

He also covers topics for bloggers, conducts interviews with other Independent Authors, along with people who can help the Independent Author achieve the goal of putting the best book possible out to the public.

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