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ThunderHorse Publishing (THP) is located in Nashville and was founded by a group of independent authors with the independent author in mind. We all here at THP know what its like to pour your heart and soul along with blood, sweat and tears to complete a book. Once done celebrating the completion of your work you are soon overwhelmed trying to figure out the next step to getting the work published. Do you use a free publishing site, how much do you charge for the book and/or do you need an ISBN number, if so is a free one as good as one purchased? This is where ThunderHorse Publishing can help.

The main goal of THP is help the independent author get their manuscript from a rough draft to a polished book and in front of potential readers. They do this by offering a variety of services and printing packages for the author. Listed below is a small sampling of what THP offers.

  • Webpage – Don’t have a web presence or website, not a problem. For as low as $15.00 a month or $120.00 yearly THP will dedicate a page to the author on their website and maintain it. View a sample page.
  • Consulting – Got a question and want an honest answer. Give us a call between normal business hours 8am – 5pm (CT) Monday through Friday at 615-750-5987 or send us an email using the contact form in the menu. Consulting is always free.

Other services include:

  • Manuscript Review – Edit – Proofread
  • Cover Art Design
  • Interior Illustrations
  • Formatting for electronic and traditional publishing (eBook and/or paper/hardback)
  • Bowker ISBN Numbers
  • Marketing
  • Video Book Trailers
  • Book Reviews

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what THP offers independent authors. Visit Thunderhorse Publishing for a complete breakdown. ThunderHorse Publishing is determined to give the independent author a voice in the world of publishing.



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