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There are a ton of writers that are filled with talent in this world that we never hear about. Why? The answer is simple, they are independent writers and authors who do not get the respect, coverage, and/or the advice they need to succeeded. We at ThunderHorse Publishing think this is a shame and a disappointment that the world is being denied the pleasure of reading the next, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, or Charles Dickens. Who knows there may be another Agatha Christie or Margaret Mitchell who has penned an outstanding piece of literature that will never see the light of day.

Here at THP we give these talented authors a voice. This blog will feature a monthly Independent Author Spotlight. We will conduct interviews, reviews of their books, and more to give them a voice. We will strive to keep the reader informed about new releases from independent authors along with giveaways and specials on their works.

ThunderHorse Publishing doesn’t stop there in helping the independent author. This blog will include writing tips and prompts along with publishing advice.

Have a manuscript you would like turned into a book, we can help there also. We can handle every aspect of taking your writing from manuscript to book and even help promote it.

Got a question and want an honest answer. Give us a call between normal business hours 8am – 5pm (CT) Monday through Friday at 615-750-5987 or send us an email using the contact form in the menu. Consulting is always free. Visit the About ThunderHorse Publishing in the menu for a sample of the services THP offers and/or visit ThunderHorse Publishing for all the details.


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